Thursday, 10 February 2011

Thrusday 10th february 2011

Hello Readers,

I am sorry in advance for my spelling and grammer. Im workig on it :) also I am not a pedo or anythig like that I am the same ages as these boys.

I am jut a school boys myself. For years now i have sat in a room watching boys get changed. Some many funny things happen in this room. Storys which shouldn't be told out side that room but I am a spy and I cant keep them a secrate any longer.

Well today at lunch all the boy was getting changed. All except a few boys who had been in there awhile befor the others. Archie had to change into a jock strap as he was going to have to put his leotard on and couldn't wear his boxers, as they were baggy. As he changed the jock stap pulled it troussers down exposing all to see! He quickly pulled them up. I noticed Michael grinning with a cheeky smile! as he pulled the jock strap everyone grabbed a shoe and begain to slap his bum cheeks. Archie just laughed at this point.

Well the day went on and after jazz all the biy was hot and sweaty. James, being the boy he is, just took his tight t-shirt off and wiped his trossers down. He just stood the in his boxers. His bulge poking out. He then decided this was still to hot and had to take his boxers off. He covered his penis with his hands. He then created a mangina' this is were he tucks his willy behind him to look like he has a vigina.

Well these strange boys are very much like any other boys. I wounder what may happen tomorrow in the boys changing room? Well it is our last day :) i wonder if lewis will expose anything, he is my favirote.

Hope you come back tomorrow for some more intressting news!

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